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www.dubairen.com ,which was launched in Oct 2009,has become an increasingly popular portal website ever since its inception. It hosts a wide array of useful up-to-date UAE-specific information ranging from travel tips for neighboring countries, restaurant reviews, shopping sales & Tour details, business conducts, travel logs, breaking news to government policies, local Q&A blogs etc. Through merely word of mouth, the website has rapidly established itself as one of the best informative and interactive Chinese web hubs in the region recording daily on average 800 visitors with no less than 3000 clicks daily on its various contents.
Unlike any other traditional website which passes on generic material, Dubairen.com has a group of dedicated free-lancing bloggers who have long been based in Dubai with first-hand local insights and passion into sharing each category of contents they cover. This highly tailor-made model of lifestyle info exchange has made it possible to foster viewer loyalty for routine re-visit and to also differentiate our website from the competition in terms of the content freshness and originality. As result of the ever-growing popularity of our portal, Mr Mao Yi Ming,who founded the website, was approached and interviewed by famous Chinese media Hongkong TVB TV station as well as the Chinese influential “lady campus “Magazine to share his experience about conducting E-commerce in such an exciting location like Dubai.
Thanks to the numerous objective reviews and citizen journalism style comments exchanged by our users, people who click on our URL, irrespective of whether it is for business, or for lifestyle etc, tend to enjoy our website as one-stop-shop of reliable UAE-Specific sources with regards to their respective queries, out of which 60% stems from Chinese white-collar, businessmen user groups locally based in the UAE and 25% straight from Mainland China hunting for UAE contents with the remaining 15% from other localities around the world. Especially for those based in the UAE, our portal serves as an indispensable reference vehicle for the registered users as well as a good advertising platform for businesses and organizations hoping to achieve effective marketing exposure and campaign awareness with their specific target groups. Building on the success so far, Dubairen.com has already entered into strategic partnership agreements with the likes of IBN BATTUTA GATE HOTEL、Sharjah SKYLINE University 、JLT free zone etc. The list goes on.
Apart from the user comments and review section, another note-worthy content strength of Dubairen.com lies in its search engine which is of unique relevance and powerful accuracy when hitting unconventional” key words” due to the vast number of proprietary articles sources kept in possession by us.
The forum of dubairen.com, which was successfully launched in July 2012, is another great asset addition to our portal which since then has enhanced the user interactivity as well as media-richness. A number of camping trips and outdoor activities were advertised and organized through the forum despite its brief period in operation.  Endeavored to realize win-win E-commerce prosperity, Dubairen.com as well as Dubairen Forum are uniquely positioned as a user-friendly means to provide state-of-the-art lifestyle content to its viewers, which in turn will benefit the businesses and entities that contribute and participate in showcasing their good-faith contents on our platform.

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